Letter to the Editor: “Longstanding Community Leader Ready to Serve as Judge”

September 26, 2021

The Record-Review

I am delighted that Clark Petschek is running for Bedford Town Justice. I have had the pleasure of serving with Clark on Bedford’s Zoning Board of Appeals since 2012, and I know him to be extraordinarily well qualified and perfectly suited to serve as a judge. The residents of Bedford have benefitted tremendously from his acumen, insights and contributions to the zoning board, and I know they would benefit even more by electing him town justice.

As I have seen firsthand over the past nine years, Clark approaches each case with rigor and professionalism. He is expertly versed in the relevant law and regulations, and he knows how to apply them thoughtfully, fairly and compassionately to each set of circumstances. For local permitting boards, reaching the “right” outcome is not the only consideration. It is also essential to provide a transparent and impartial forum in which the public can voice their opinions. Clark is a superb communicator, and he ensures that all participants in the zoning board’s meetings are heard and their concerns are addressed respectfully and with candor.

Clark’s calm demeanor, sound judgment and collegial personality have made him an invaluable part of Bedford’s Zoning Board of Appeals for almost a decade. Those traits, along with his extensive experience as a criminal and civil litigation attorney will make him an outstanding judge. Please join me in voting for Clark Petschek for Bedford town justice.

Lisa Spano

Bedford Hills