Letter to the Editor: “Holds the hallmarks of judicial office including impartiality and hard work”

October 11, 2021

The Record-Review

To the Editor:

I have known Clark Petschek for well over forty years as a neighbor and a friend.  I have seen him grow from a young man playing softball on my front lawn with my daughters to a distinguished lawyer willing to give back to the community.  Returning to Katonah after eight years in the Army and his preliminary legal career, Clark built a home and commenced serving his community.  While a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals and a founder of the Bedford Veterans Committee, Clark developed a reputation for fairness and integrity.

Impartiality, sensitivity, intelligence, hard work and being a good listener are the hallmarks of judicial office.  Clark fulfills all of these attributes and based on over fifty years as a practicing attorney, I believe Clark would make an excellent judge.  I urge your vote for him on November 2nd. 

Gordon Aydelott